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Tiarna de na Fhiaigh Dearg


Tiarna de na Fhiaigh Dearg

Vampiresbane's Blog

August 21st, 2019

Vampyres Bane's WvWvW Profession Importance Theorycrafting Session

Like many of you pvp’ers out there, I am foaming at the mouth waiting for good, heart pounding battlefield pvp and consequently Guild Wars 2 (GW2). There’s some information on how Realm fighting will work (aka WvWvW), but not a ton. When faced with a lack of information, one must inevitably theorycraft! Granted there will be assumptions abound so take all of this with a grain of salt, but I’ll base as much of this on what Arenanet has actually stated. So let the theorycrafting begin!

Two main things have to be taken in consideration for WvWvW: #1 There will be no healing class in GW2. #2 Assuming taking keeps will give realms the most control/points, the ability to take keeps will be extremely important. Arenanet has mentioned that you can fight guerrilla type wars, attacking farms, smiths, etc with smaller forces in order to either strengthen your keep guards or make the opposing side’s weaker, but ultimately you’ll find yourself fighting at the keep and whoever does this best will be the better realm...

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August 21st, 2019

Giving “A Warm Welcome in the Nick of Time”

Boy it seems like eons ago to me when Craythur and I met. Arguably in a way it was the real “beginning” of my Warhammer career. I had previously played Destruction on a different server as a 40 sorceror, got so angry once I had found myself doing pve to get gear to pvp that I quit. I had done similar things in WoW and had vowed never to do it again. At the time, most players were doing Bastion Stairs and the various city dungeons to get geared up. The thing that set it off was that I had signed up earlier that week to join 5 others to do a dungeon at 6pm PST. Well I had been playing off and on that day to gain renown and had taken a break at 4:30pm or so. When I had come back at 5:30pm, they had already gotten 6 players and started. I went ballistic. Just nuts. Anger and curse words just poured out of my mouth. When I had calmed down a bit (keywords: a bit), I had realized, yknow it’s really not a big deal what they had done. Sure enough it was stupid and disrespectful, but I shouldn’t have acted the way I had...

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August 21st, 2019

A glimpse

"You reuse your stakes?"

The Warrior Priest, older, gruf, and battle tested, briefly looked up, then redirected his attention to pulling an old worn and aging stake from the recently disposed of vampire corpse.

"Why throw them away?" was his response, short and to the point. He briefly wiped off the tip, but didn't bother much more with cleaning it and replaced it back into its carrying slot along his belt.

"Well I's covered in unholy blood...It surely can't vanquish the undead as well, right?" asked the new sigmar novice.

"It's a stake," came the grim response. "They really don't get worse with age."

The novice looked like he was about faint.

"Don't worry Mathew. There won't be a test," Vampiresbane commented and then winked at the new priest. Mathew immediately relaxed and straightened from the hunched, disapointed position he had been in earlier.

"But do remember, holy water does need to remain pure until you use it. Granted tainted holy water won't do much to us if we spill it, but it won't do anything to the undead either, and that's problem...

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  • Legend:
    A Glimpse
    "You reuse your stakes?" The Warrior Priest, older, gruf, and battle tested, briefly looked up, then redirected his attention to pulling an old worn and aging stake from the recently disposed of vampire corpse. "Why throw them away?" was his response, short and to the point...
  • Guide:
    "Guild" Colors
    Disclaimer: This is by no means required or even highly encouraged. It is merely suggested. Ben (Daghdre) has always had a open attitude towards choices in our guild and I will not pigeon hole anyone either, even with guild colors. With that being said: Our "Guild" Colors As can be seen on this sight and on our tabard, our basic colors are: Dark Green/White/Black (Brown) I've searched up and down Altdorf for good matching colors and here's what I've come up with: Best matches: Green-Dark Sage (now apothecaries can make this dye) White-Fortress Grey (cheap/vendor dye) Black-Chaos Black (Super expensive) Brown-None (nothing matches our woodsy brown color) Alternative matches (slightly off color): Green-Orc Green (cheap/vendor dye) White-Skull White Dye (Super expensive/doesn't quite match) Black-No real alternatives Brown-Scorched Brown Dye (decent brown, but tinted red, more of a maroon) I've found the gold colors of most sets match fairly well with our colors and some sets also have a better non-dyed brown color as long as you don't dye the armor...
  • Guide:
    End-Game Stat Priorities
    Been looking for this for weeks and found a good guide for everyone that gives us all a good cookie cutter stat goal to start for (slightly altered with my own experiences). Here it is: STAT GOALS - Following this will allow you to be a rounded soldier, able to damage/heal AND survive which is crucial in PVP combat...
  • Guide:
    Talisman Accessibility (which ones tend to be easier/cheaper to get)
    When choosing between pieces of gear and in building towards your stat goals - keep this in mind. A significant portion of final stats can come from Talismans. These Talismans fall into one of two groups: EASY TALISMAN STATS = willpower, intelligence, ballistic skill, strength - EASY for guild to supply HARD TALISMAN STATS = wounds, initiative, toughness, weapon skill - HARD for guild to supply *** It will be very very difficult to obtain the HARD TALISMANS in a powerful/permanent form...
  • Guide:
    I've been starting to drool at the items that one can receive from killing the vulture lord so I've put together a guide for everyone to use once we're all properly geared and such. TOMB OF THE VULTURE LORD First off, to get inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, you need to finish the Public Quest in Land of the Dead "The Temple of Ulatep" which will give the Skull Glyph...
  • Guide:
    Current City Sieges (as of 10/15/2009 1.3.2 patch)
    Will update this as we get to know city sieges more first hand. Here's the dev's comparison of old sieges versus new: The Old Main City PQ The original design of the Main City PQ served multiple purposes. First, it was to bring players together to fight against each other in the name of their city and their Realm...
  • Battle Recap:
    Last nights pickup
    Went very well (probably because Destro took off for PTS presumably). Heck if I didn't have gf aggro, we probably would have locked Praag and Black Crag while under my command (I'm guessing these probably still got locked). Had under my command 1...
  • Legend:
    The Tower of Neborhest
    Alarin, Blockhead, Thadok, and Vampiresbane sat there at the old and worn tavern, scratching their chins, slightly drunk off the new type of Dwarven ale Blockhead had brought that day to share (well share is a friendly word for drinking most of it and letting the rest of the adventurers embibe a tad)...
  • Guide:
    How and Why to Use Token Machine
    Personally I use the WHO add-on Token Machine because in the heat of the battle. I really, really hate drops filling up my screen and demanding my attention so I can resume killing/healing/giving directions. Token Machine eliminates virtually every drop once installed and then altered...
  • Battle Recap:
    T4 Tuesday 09/15/2009
    Very well played event. Started off a bit iffy (we got aggresive and attacked a level five Keep in Dragonwake with a single warband only to be sandwhiched by one warband defending and another coming up our rear-wasn't pretty), but we recovered quite quickly and went on to help slow and eventually stop a Dragonwake cap by Destruction by taking objectives around their zerg, going to Reikland and took a couple keeps and objectives to help cap that zone, headed to Thunder Mountain to patrol objectives and keeps to get a domination cap, then proceeded to speed cap keeps and objectives in Black Crag, and then went back to Dragonwake to try to get a third zone cap there...
  • Guide:
    Instance Walkthrough for "The Wild Hunt" event
    Instance Walkthrough for "The Wild Hunt" event. Compilation of quite a few authors as well as things I've added. The dryads, although not targetable at first, are very nasty and attack in twos. Try to avoid their aggro range if possible. Both the twin trees and the sprite bosses can be skipped...
  • Guide:
    Updated Keep Defense Guide for all tiers.
    Will update this along with suggestions and criticisms. I wrote this as if the final door has fallen. I may expand this to include wall defense as well. Think of defending a keep as making the attackers fight through as many layers as possible. Here's your possible defensive layers (written as if the final door has fallen): 1...
  • Guide:
    How to use the Auction House
    The Auction House (AH) tends to have a little bit of a learning curve and some things are quite counter-intuitive. I'll be updating this as I add things. It will also help if I can get a good screenshot and post it along with this, but I'm unsure as to how to attach it...