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Guild Wars
Dune Awakening
Once Human
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Chapter 8:
Conqueror's Blade (2019)
Chapter 7:
New World (2021)
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World of Warcraft: Classic (2019)
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Elder Scrolls Online (2014)
Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2 (2012)
Chapter 3:
RIFT (2011)
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Warhammer Online (2008)
Chapter 1:
Dark Age of Camelot (2001)


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Joining The Gaiscioch Family

Watch Our Joining the Family Video Tutorial

The Gaiscíoch (Pronounced: Gosh-Kia) Hear This Phrase Family began as a social gaming community in the industry pioneering MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. We began on the Nimue server on November 11th, 2001, with a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable community for players of all ages and skill levels.

With our roots firmly attached in the Celtic Mythological Cycle, the Gaiscíoch hold honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship. Today the Gaiscíoch family spans many games, sports, and social circles.

We are a social casual gaming community with a relaxed approach toward gaming. We allow our members to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want and do not constrict them with quotas or requirements. It is through gaming, athletic competition, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

Family Lifestyle

Our foundation is based on the Casual Gaming lifestyle. Low to No requirements, humorous attitudes, and very laid back gameplay. While we are typically one of the Largest Families in the games we play, we have become this way by leading by example, giving everyone a fair chance to enjoy playing by our side. We do not hold grudges, do not isolate ourselves, do not force people to play a certain way. We simply provide an organized front for everyone in the family and out to enjoy playing by our side.

Family membership is run just like a family. There might come a day when a member may move out, but if they decide that they would like to come back our doors are always open to them so long as they have not violated our only rule. Blades out, not in. Members may not attack another member, verbally, physically, or in any other way. Doing so will lead to banishment from the family. The most important thing you will learn being around us is, If you aren't having fun don't do it. Having fun and building friendships are our focus.