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Guild Wars 2

Céad Míle Fáilte
(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Hail and Well met adventurer! Welcome to the humble home of the Gaiscioch family. Our community began following Guild Wars 2 in 2007. A Gaiscioch event leader by the name of Roger "Oldroar" Rall took it upon himself to follow the progress of the title and report it's growth back to the eldership team. As years went on Oldroar grew more and more excited up to the point where he recommended I go to PAX Prime 2011 to introduce ourselves to the team. Sadly, less than a month after we visited PAX Prime Oldroar passed away suddenly just 2 months before we were granted access to early focus group testing. Oldroar would never be able to play the game he was so passionate about but ArenaNet made sure he was not forgotten by naming a server Sanctum of Rall and erecting a living tribute to him in the form of Historian Goshkia in the Black Citadel that tells his story.

To say our chapter in Guild Wars 2 is personal is an understatement. We are deeply vested in this chapter and plan to keep it running as long as Guild Wars 2 is online. Our community focuses on hosting public events open to all players in Guild Wars 2 ranging from person vs environment map clears, walkthroughs, and world boss hunts to world vs world battles on a grand scale.

Gaiscioch began leading their widely popular Great Tyrian Adventure in 2011 and have seen 4 very successful seasons since. Each of these seasons awarding Legendary weapons and a treasure trove of giveaways to our attendees.

We are casual friendly and maintain a mature community lifestyle that is family friendly and helpful to new players. We have daily events, a full community marketplace, and even feature guides and previews in our Gaiscioch Magazine. If you're looking for a helpful group of mature adults to share your adventures with, be sure to reach out to us because we'd love to have you on board.

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Chapter Features

Our system encourages interaction, sharing, and building lasting friendships.


Our community is built in a way that any player can choose to lead events and activities and climb the warlord ranks. Leaders gain a full range of tools to help them organize, lead, and track their victories on the battlefield.


Members can attend activities planned by leaders to gain Honor Points and Vault Credits. Each time a member participates they gain currency that allows them to buy crafted goods, materials, or even games.


Our calendar is packed with scheduled events for each of our chapters. In addition to the scheduled events, there are unscheduled pickup events that happen every day.


Being a new member to Gaiscioch is daunting at first. Let our Mentors help guide you through your first few months. We offer 1 on 1 mentorship for all new members to ensure their experience is the best possible.


Our Tavern is filled with over a decade worth of history and discussions. Discussions range from in game to real world life challenges.

Voice Communication

Gaiscioch uses Discord as a voice communication provider. While voice communication is optional, we encourage all to listen in and be an active voice in the community.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month upon request, the Gaiscioch Family Notes is sent to your inbox filled with information about the community to help you plan your months activities and stay connected with the community.


Order new items for our chapter games or fill a work order for a crafted item or material. At the marketplace you can buy items and materials using Vault Credits.

Loot Vault

What could be better? Playing games to earn new games. Our loot vault is filled with game codes donated by players and game studios. Use Vault Credits to score a new game for your library..


Show your Gaiscioch pride with one of our many shirts, hats, coffee mugs, or jerseys sold at cost.

Unique Ranks

Players earn a unique rank based on their gender, family rank, warlord rank, and length of time they've been active with the community giving each and every member a unique title within the community.

Special Opportunities

Gaiscioch is approached by game studios constantly to share their feedback and testing ability with their studio. As a Gaiscioch you can join the Pioneer team and help make better games.

Focus on Community

We go above and beyond to help provide knowledge and make experiences memorable.

Community Events

Gaiscioch spends months preparing massive community events for game communities. We entertain the masses and provide players with a memorable experience.


Gaiscioch Magazine launched in March of 2014 as a free volunteer driven quarterly publication produced by the Gaiscioch Community.


Knowledge is worthless if not shared. Our guides have been heralded by websites, game studios, and players for more than a decade. We demystify game content and provide easy to read guides for all.


Gaiscioch Livestreams produce engaging video interaction with some of the hottest games on the market. We feature playthroughs, first looks, lets play, previews and reviews across our livestreaming platforms. Streaming daily to Twitch & YouTube Gaming.