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Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
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A Glimpse

By: Vampiresbane

"You reuse your stakes?"

The Warrior Priest, older, gruf, and battle tested, briefly looked up, then redirected his attention to pulling an old worn and aging stake from the recently disposed of vampire corpse.

"Why throw them away?" was his response, short and to the point. He briefly wiped off the tip, but didn't bother much more with cleaning it and replaced it back into its carrying slot along his belt.

"Well I's covered in unholy blood...It surely can't vanquish the undead as well, right?" asked the new sigmar novice.

"It's a stake," came the grim response. "They really don't get worse with age."

The novice looked like he was about faint.

"Don't worry Mathew. There won't be a test," Vampiresbane commented and then winked at the new priest. Mathew immediately relaxed and straightened from the hunched, disapointed position he had been in earlier.

"But do remember, holy water does need to remain pure until you use it. Granted tainted holy water won't do much to us if we spill it, but it won't do anything to the undead either, and that's problem."

"So when do I get to see a vampire lord?" Mathew eagerly asked.

"Oh, chances are...when you're about to die." Mathew renewed his hunched posture. "Ha! Boy, you're too easy. No, I've fought maybe 1 or 2, with many others. Few survived. Be glad you have yet to face anything more than this," Vampirebane said as he tapped the vampire underling, a vampire probably only of a several decades, if that.

Vampiresbane stood up, grim look to his face, stakes sitting on his belt in neat array, various undead skulls hanging from the back of his shoulders, with a mix of leather and plate armor to protect his mortal skin. He wiped the rest of himself off, dust falling to the ground.

"Come on. This village had at least four more according to the reports."

One couldn't tell if Mathew was happy at that remark, but he turned and followed anyways, after replacing his own used stakes of course.