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The Gaiscioch Way - An Irish Legend & Belief System

In the Ancient Irish Legends found in the Lebor Gabála Érenn you will find the Gaiscioch. The Japanese had Samurai, the Persians had Immortals, the Greeks had the Sacred Band of Thebes, the Tuatha de Danann had the Gaiscioch.

Each was hand chosen by the Tuatha de Danann for their bravery, devotion, and honorable nature. They formed the guardians of the Celtic people and the Tuatha de Danann. Legend tells of the First Battle of Moyturna where the Fir Bolg, a tribe comprised of marooned African slaves, crossed paths with the Tuatha de Danann and declared war on them fearing being enslaved once again.

The two tribes sent their finest soldier to meet and negotiate the terms of battle. The Tuatha de sent Bres along with a sample of their weaponry to meet the Fir Bolg's Sreng. Bres pleaded with Sreng of the Fir Bolg to avoid this war and they could divide the island in two and avoid the bloodshed that would result from a war of this magnitude.

But the fear of slavery caused the Fir Bolg to deny this offer, and again they met to discuss the terms of battle. The two exchanged weaponry and when Bres saw the state of their weaponry and their training he proposed that they delay the battle for 6 months so that they could make better weapons for the Fir Bolg and teach them how to use them so that the battle would be fair.

The Tuatha de taught the Fir Bolg their weaponry, their tactics, their techniques, and their technology. When the day of the battle came to pass, Sreng and Bres again met in the middle and Bres reinforced his offer. Again the Fir Bolg declined. Each side would choose 300 of their finest warriors to battle.

The battle would be fought and won by the Tuatha de Danann. Again Bres and Sreng met, and Bres gave to the Fir Bolg a choice of any quarter of Ireland the wished to call their own. The two nations prepared a feast together and celebrated their newfound friendship. They embraced them as brothers and the two nations fought together against invading forces for years to come.

It is the same type of honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship that the Gaiscioch and Tuatha de displayed in the First Battle of Moyturna that we employ today. On the battlefield, we act respectfully and honorably against our foe regardless of if they display the same. We help those in need, even if they do not support our cause.

The Family

The Gaiscioch family is not an exclusive guild, we are an inclusive family who reaches out to the community and supports them in their gaming enjoyment. We welcome all, in family, and out, to join us in our conquests. We provide help and assistance to all, and do our best to help the community flourish.

The Gaiscioch family recruits by action, showing the world who we are and what we do. The first part of becoming a Gaiscioch is to approach an existing member about joining. We do not blanket chat channels with lengthy recruitment messages, or send tells to people to ask them to join us. We live by example and show people who we are and what we do. We provide fun and exciting events and if players wish to learn more about us we share our story and our beliefs.

A Gaiscioch does not allow anger, hate, rage, pride or greed control us. We bestow kindness and benevolence to our family, our friends, our realm mates, and even our enemies. We act out of selflessness, and are always looking for a way to help a traveler along. Learning the Gaiscioch way of life takes time. Many of us have been shaped by pop culture, trends, and the capitalistic world we live in today. It is through patience and perseverance that we learn how to act as one and put aside our selfish needs to go to greater heights and previously could not be obtained.

Alone we can only go so far, together there is no distance we can't travel. No foe we can't defeat. No challenge we can't overcome. The world is paved with possibilities and the gates of opportunity open.

Through the life of a Gaiscioch member they will pass several trials. The first is a test of fellowship and their willingness to participate with others. The second is a test of sacrifice and their willingness to contribute to the family. The third is a test of leadership and their ability to inspire and guide others. The final test is one of selflessness. It is only out of an act of selflessness that a member may become part of the families eldership.

We give when there is no reward. We support those in need. We teach those who question. We allow our actions to speak of our nature. We keep our calm even in the most chaotic situations. We let our victories to speak of our dedication. We do what we say, and say what we do. We protect those who have not protection. We never direct hate and anger towards another member of our family. We are Gaiscioch.