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Donaliam's Blog

November 25th, 2020

Running Around the low level Dungeons

The Time, The Rewards, and The just Plane Fun

So I am level 40 or higher why would I want to go back into Realm of the Fae on normal mode? Well there is a nice feature that rewards the high level player for going through the lower level dungeons. When you run these lower level dungeons using the random looking for group tool and completed the dungeon, you get s blue chest the rewards you for your assistance.

I have run many lower level dungeons on my 38 mage and I have to say some of the gear you can get out of that chest is pretty good. Plus the 7700 exp bonus I get is nice too. Last night I ran Deep Strike Mines 5 time in about 1 to 2 hours time. The gear I got out of the chest was so-so for me but exp was great. Brought me very close to 39.

I personally don't mind taking any of my higher level toons through the lower level dungeons and just blow through them in 10 minutes or less. It is relaxing.

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November 25th, 2020

A Day of Dungeons

When I signed in Sunday to play Rift I planned to just quest a bit and level up my rogue (Uan). After questing in Stillmoor, I ran into a problem, a world event had just ended in Stillmoor and my quest turn in hub, Trial of the Sentinel, was overrun with Death Invasions. They managed to establish a foothold as well. I first though I might be able to take it down solo. WRONG!! There was a foothold and at least ten major invasions surrounding the foothold. I tagged one of them then began screaming RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! Barely escaped. I then decided to quest a bit in Shimmersand. I completed a couple then Redneckmage was looking for a Runic Descent or Lantern Hook group and I decided to join him. This began a marathon of Dungeon runs for the rest of the day.

First stop was Runic Descent, blew threw that fairly quickly with only one or two wipes. After completing the same group the proceeded to Lantern Hook. Our run through Lantern Hook was pretty quick killing each boss on the first shot...

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November 25th, 2020


So Last night I created my first purple weapon, Inpenetrable Divine Defender. I have been running around with a Rugged Orichalcum Mace for my one handed weapon. Both of them have really great stats for tanking. I am faced with a tough decision now, which mace do I use. So here is a side by side comparison:Inpenetrable Divine DefenderDamage per second: 24.4446-86 damage every 2.70 secEndurance +23Block +9Parry +10Dodge +10Equip: Chance on melee hit to form a barrier that will absorb 259 damage. Lasts up to 20 seconds.Blazing Strength Rune Strength +10Rugged Orichalcum MaceDamage per second: 21.6741-76 damage every 2.70 secEndurance +23Parry +10Block +20 Dodge +5Hit +15Luminous Destructive Runeshard: Physical Crit +13So looking at the stats on each weapon this is a tough choice to make. I am going to have to run around and use both. Then take a look at my character stats as well.Now that that the Divine Defender can be crafted , time to save the weaponsmith Plaques for the Fleshreaper.

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November 25th, 2020

An oRvR Night That Wont Be Forgotten

It was the Battle for Badlands Season 3 kickoff. It was in tier 1 and it reminded me of what oRvR was like when the game first launched. Just masses v masses or as most call it, zerg v zerg. The whole night was a tug of war. Order would push and take everything, then destro would push. What was really fun for me was going through alt-itus and twink-itus. I switched between 4 different characters last night just for the fun of it. Started with a Knight, then went to a Witch Hunter, followed by a Shadow Warrior then ending the night with a newly created Bright Wizard. Clearly I have an alt problem ;) Listening to everyone in vent just having a great time. This is what Battle for Badlands is all about. Fun Memories. I look forward to then next event.

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November 25th, 2020

Belts, Belts and more Belts.

I often wonder how many times can one person receive the same loot out of a gold bag. It's happened many times before way back before medallions were around to buy the armor pieces. I have to say, 5 warlord belts in a row just seems a bit much, but that is OK. I am still having fun playing and I know my luck will change soon.

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    2 things you will need: Have a mount. Very important you will get left behind very quickley without one. So you at least need to be 20. Under 20 you can tag along but you will get left behind a lot. Get all the T4 Flight Points. If you havent there is aneasy way to do this: Step One: go to Altdorf and go out the south entrance by the war quarters into Reikwald...
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    When Dannan stepped on the the Tier 3 battlefield tonight she had one goal in mind, Total Tier Domination. I, as always, was proud to fight at Dannan's side. Assisting Dannan with the Trinity was Twilah, a 30 Rune Priest of Gaiscioch, who had an opportunity to relax a bit on the Tier 3 Battlefield after fighting alongside Daghdre and my cousin Donulliam in Tier 4...
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    Tonight was my first night leading a raid in Tier 3 and I have to thank you to all of the family members who supported me in my efforts. You were all a great help. For that being my first time leading a raid in Tier 3 I think we did good. We took 6 keeps...
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