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Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel


1 Chrysocola Orb
1 Orichalcum Filigree
1 Glob of Ectoplasm
400 Jeweler Skill Required

Discovered By:


Item Information

Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel
Consumable Jewel
+25 Condition Damage
+15 Power
+15 Vitality

Crafting Material: Jeweler (400)
Usable on: Accessory
Required Level: 80

Top 5 Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 DastinarElanthian 3
2 Pookha 2
3 Dorre 1
4 Aelinora 1
5 Eliah 1

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
May. 10th 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Lilanya Eliah Completed
Aug. 01st 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Beardtongue Aelinora Completed
Jul. 31st 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Beardtongue Pookha Completed
Jul. 18th 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Butterflyfairy Pookha Completed
May. 13th 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Ryokka EvolutionArtist Completed
Feb. 18th 3 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel Zhanna DastinarElanthian Completed
Sep. 20th 1 x Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel PepsiBlue Dorre Completed

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Chrysocola Orichalcum Earring of Carrion Accessory Ear 80 400 566 Order Item
Chrysocola Orichalcum Ring of Carrion Accessory Ring 80 400 611 Order Item