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Rampager's Embroidered Linen Insignia


1 Bolt of Linen
5 Spool of Linen Thread
8 Full Venom Sac
275 None Skill Required

Discovered By:


Item Information

Rampager's Embroidered Linen Insignia
Materials Insignia
Used in the crafting of Armor with +Precision, +Condition Damage, and +Power.

Top 5 Rampager's Embroidered Linen Insignia Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 CaptCaveman 6

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
Oct. 31st 6 x Rampager's Embroidered Linen Insignia JaeOnasi CaptCaveman Completed

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Rampager's Reinforced Scale Helm Heavy Armor Head 65 275 317 Order Item
Rampager's Reinforced Scale Boots Heavy Armor Feet 65 275 332 Order Item
Rampager's Reinforced Scale Pauldrons Heavy Armor Shoulders 65 275 332 Order Item
Rampager's Reinforced Scale Gauntlets Heavy Armor Arms 65 275 519 Order Item
Rampager's Winged Headpiece Light Armor Head 65 275 300 Order Item
Rampager's Winged Boots Light Armor Feet 65 275 332 Order Item
Rampager's Winged Tunic Light Armor Chest 65 275 419 Order Item