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Fantastic Bosses And Where To Find Them

Seaimpin de na Iomproidh
Seaimpin de na Iomproidh
  • GW2: BunnehKat.5381
Posted On: 03/21/2017 at 07:28 PM
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Once you have reached Level 50 in WildStar, one of the things you will want to know about are Worldbosses.

What and Why

(Almost) every zone in WildStar has a level 50 worldboss, which require at least a group of 20 players to take down.

There are a few reasons why you want to kill these:

  • They drop a bag that can contain gear, which is useful for (fresh) level 50s; pets; costumes; decor items.
  • Gold. Always useful.
  • Elder Points (Experience), which results in Elder Gems.
  • There is a repeatable weekly quest for bonus Elder Gems that requires 3 worldboss kills.
  • Quite regularly, Worldbosses are the target of the daily Tier 3 contract.
  • Essences for your Primal Matrix. There will also be bonus essence rewards for particular bosses.

Each boss has a spawn time of 1-2 days. When they spawn on their own like this, Nexus chat refers to them as 'free spawn'. This never happens for bosses that are the target for contracts or bonus rewards, because they get killed a lot on those days.

Worldbosses can also be spawned by players. For this purpose there are the Progenitor Access Particles (usually referred to as Paps). 75 are needed to spawn a boss, and this can allow a boss to be spawned every hour. Paps drop from level 50 5-man enemies, there are a few areas out in the world with these. You also get some from the Contract rewards.

 Contracts and Bonus rewards

These are the Contract board (orange, on the left) and Weekly Bonus board (smaller, center/right) in Thayd.

Every day, the Contract board offers three tiers of contracts:

  • Tier 1 contracts, 50 points each. Usually requires you to kill 30 enemies of a specific type. Can be done multiple times in a day (will be a different one each time). Can be done solo.
  • Three non-repeatable Tier 2 contracts, 150 points each. Usually of the variety 'Do a prime expedition', 'Kill 20 Prime difficulty mobs', or 'Collect 50 items from kills in a specific zone.' Can usually be completed solo, but group may make it faster/easier.
  • A single Tier 3 contract, 450 points. Usually 'Kill one worldboss from this list', 'Do the event in this zone', or 'Run a Prime dungeon'. Worldboss and event ones can be done 'solo', you will usually get credit as long as you hit the boss/mobs, though Nexus chat will always be having people forming a raid group. Join it. It helps with getting heals. Dungeon contracts obviously need a dungeon group, that takes more social interaction sadly, and is also outside the scope of this Worldboss guide.

The Tier 3 contracts that require worldboss kills are:

  • Lunar Liquidation (Scorchwing in Blighthaven, Gargantua in the Defile, and the Mechathorn in Farside; only Mechathorn is actually on the moon).
  • Alizar Annihilations (Kraggar in Algoroc, Grendelus in Celestion, King Plush in Galeras, Metal Maw Prime in Whitevale).
  • Olyssia Obliteration (King Honeygrave in Auroria, Metal Maw in Deradune, Dreamspore in Ellevar, Zoetic in Wilderrun).

Only 1 boss out of the list in the contract needs to be killed to complete the contract.

Filling up the Reward bar will get you itemlevel 90-120 gear. Each time you fill the bar completely, also 2 platinum.

The Weekly Bonus board offers a choise from several game activities where you want to get bonus Elder Gems from. The Weekly quest for Worldbosses rewards 50 Elder Gems and requires 3 worldbosses to be killed (it does not matter which ones, as long as they are classified as Worldboss.)

Worldbosses usually drop 250 essences of a single colour, but there are bonus rewards (single time only, until the bonus resets):

  • Every few days, 1 worldboss has bonus purple essence rewards.
  • Every day, 1 worldboss will have a 10x bonus red/green/blue essence rewards. 2500 essences. (Note: sometimes seems to be bugged and not reward the bonus, but you still get some essences)

To check what the bonuses are, check the Bonus Rewards tab in the Content Finder (default keybind: N).

Who and Where

Bosses listed by approximate travel time.

The bosses in the zones that are in the continent of Alizar can be reached by walking out of Thayd. The bosses on the continent of Olyssia are all reachable via Wilderrun. Wilderrun, Farside, and each of the zones in Isigrol (the third continent) have transports from Thayd.

Important note on group summons: Scientists get an ability to summon their group to their location. This only works for players that are on the same continent!

Kraggar the Earth-Render (Krag)

Kraggar is an angry Earth elemental, found in Algoroc, just outside the northern gate of Thayd (the Exiles city). His fight is fairly simple: stay out of the red.

Metal Maw (MM)

Metal Maw is some angry beast that was enhanced by Chua technology. This means jetpacks and lasers, among others. He can be found in Deradune. Easy to reach for Exiles via Wilderrun, which has a teleporter (left-most of three) to Metal Maw's area. Fight is simple again, stay out fo the red. Kill adds that spawn. He sometimes does a jump attack, damage can be avoided sometimes by jumping before he lands.

Dreamspore (DS)

Dreamspore is a stemdragon that's been harassing the Lopp in Ellevar. Easy to reach again via a teleporter (center) in Wilderrun. Stay out of the red, and when affected by his spores, avoid the hallucinations that look like giant carrots.

King Honeygrave (KHG)

King Honeygrave is an angry bee patriarch in Auroria. Can be reached via teleporter (right one) in Wilderrun, then a short walk to his area to the west of where you arrive. Stay out of red. A few times during his fight, he will go invincible to heal, during these stages, kill the hives that heal him (and stay out of their red).

Grendelus the Guardian (Grend)

Grengelus is an Augmented guardian, found near Camp Viridian at Exo-Site N22 in Celestion. It's a fairly quick trip from Thayd's western gate. As always, stay out of the red, and when he spawns a bomb, the bomb must be interrupted immediately, or it'll end with a boom.

Gargantua (Garg)

Gargantua is a guardian too, but this one is infected by the Strain and can be found in the Defile, a short walk to the west from the point where you arrive after taking the transport from Thayd, past the Dominion base (their guards may flag you for pvp). Stay out of the red, and when he traps some of the group inside a bubble, kill the thing in the center of the bubble while really really staying out of the red. Also dodge during the fight to shake off the slowing effect he puts on you.

Scorchwing (SW)

Scorchwing is a bird, that's on fire, and can be found in Blighthaven, to the northwest of where you arrive. Go past the Nursery area (do not go through that area, it can be painful). Stay out of the red.

Mechathorn (MT)

Mechathorn is an Augmented stemdragon that is found near site Bravo at Farside on the moon. Can be reached by taking the transport to Farside, then the teleporter to Site Bravo, then a short walk toward the center of the map, around a big meteoroid that crashed on the moon long ago.

King Plush (KP)

King Plush is a Falkrin with a strange obsession for plushies. His area is in the southeast corner of Galeras (east of Thayd), can only be reached by going through the lower level Falkrin camp, up the path, then jumping into the tornado thing to get up to the level 50 area. Fairly long trip for Exiles, so if you're in a raid group and they use a summon, that's the fastest way to get there. His fight is fairly simple again. Stay out of the red, and when he does his jumping into the air attack, jump up before he lands to avoid taking damage from that.

Metal Maw Prime (MMP)

Metal Maw Prime is an upgraded/augmented version of Metal Maw (see below). He can be found at the Augment Facility X426 in the west of Whitevale. Fairly long walk for Exiles. Once the fight starts, stay out of the red as much as possible. He'll sometimes fly up to shoot lasers, he can't be damaged during that part.

Zoetic (Zoe)

Zoetic is a water elemental thing, and the worst worldboss. Found in Wilderrun, and a pretty long walk for Exiles, especially if you follow the map/roads. Being summoned helps a ton. His fight is probably the most difficult of the worldbosses, which makes Zoetic pretty much skipped/ignored a lot, except when he has bonus essences.

Last Edited on: 03/22/2017 at 04:22 AM
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Seaimpin de na Iomproidh
Seaimpin de na Iomproidh
  • GW2: BunnehKat.5381
Replied On: 03/21/2017 at 07:42 PM PDT
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  • Twitch

And while editing that, it suddenly was 3.30am, so the actual part from the topic's title, 'Where to find them' has to wait until tomorrow.

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