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Fallout 76 :: Major Patch on day one.

Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
  • GW2: Balor.8405
  • ESO: @doc_restless
Posted On: 11/12/2018 at 01:52 AM
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The moment I have the full patch I will be uploading to the google drive I have and will leave it up til Dec 1st, 2018, so incase the members who haven't order the game yet can at least have the game download.

An updated post for the google drive will be posted on Nov 14 or Nov 15 on how to download,  an update link to the google drive for Fallout 76 download and so forth.


Beyond such if you have not signed up head over to

it is free to sign up and your ID name is also how we will find you in-game.

Beyond such hope to see you in the wastelands.

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