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Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
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Satchel of Berserker's Rascal Armor


12 Bolt of Linen
18 Vial of Thick Blood
10 Spool of Linen Thread
18 Cured Rugged Leather Square
250 Leatherworking Skill Required

Discovered By:

Former Member

Item Information

Satchel of Berserker's Rascal Armor
Consumable Medium Armor
A full set of level 60, medium armor
Recipe can be created at Mystic Forge, from mystic coins, crystals, a level-60 chest piece, and Elonian wine.
Required Level: 60

Top 5 Satchel of Berserker's Rascal Armor Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 Aoibheann 1