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Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
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8 Slot Safe Box


10 Bronze Ingot
3 Pile of Glittering Dust
0 Armorsmithing Skill Required

Discovered By:


Item Information

8 Slot Safe Box
Bag Bag
Items in this box will not appear in a Sell To Vendor list and will not move when inventory is sorted.

Top 5 8 Slot Safe Box Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 Shorinji 1
2 Cetacea 1

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
Mar. 11th 1 x 8 Slot Safe Box CaelikBaltar Shorinji Completed
Aug. 28th 1 x 8 Slot Safe Box Narco Cetacea Completed