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Explorer's Elder Inscription


1 Elder Wood Dowel
3 Large Claw
325 None Skill Required

Discovered By:

Former Member

Item Information

Explorer's Elder Inscription
Materials Inscription
Used in the crafting of weapons with +Magic Find, +Power, +Precision.

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Explorer's Mithril Mace Mace Main Hand 75 325 286 Order Item
Explorer's Mithril Shield Shield Off Hand 75 325 233 Order Item
Explorer's Mithril Spear Spear Two Handed 75 325 286 Order Item
Explorer's Elder Trident Trident Aquatic 75 325 249 Order Item
Explorer's Elder Warhorn Warhorn Off Hand 75 325 248 Order Item

Item Request Form:

Item Not Available For Purchase