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Head of Cauliflower

Collection Method:

Looted Item

Discovered By:

Former Member

Item Information

Head of Cauliflower
Materials Cooking Ingredient

Top 5 Head of Cauliflower Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 AngusW 25
2 Alurl 10
3 Aidan 10
4 Cluso 10

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
Mar. 07th 25 x Head of Cauliflower Gunndish AngusW Completed
Sep. 12th 10 x Head of Cauliflower Luma Aidan Completed
Sep. 12th 10 x Head of Cauliflower Luma Cluso Completed
Sep. 05th 10 x Head of Cauliflower Daenera Alurl Completed

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Bowl of Cauliflower Sautee Snack Consumable 50 250 19 Order Item
Bowl of Spiced Veggie Chili Soup Consumable 50 250 34 Order Item
Bowl of Spicy Veggie Chili Soup Consumable 70 400 34 Order Item
Bowl of Cauliflower Soup Soup Consumable 55 275 55 Order Item