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Head of Cabbage

Collection Method:

Looted Item

Discovered By:

Former Member

Item Information

Head of Cabbage
Materials Cooking Ingredient

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Bowl of Cabbage Stirfry Meal Consumable 40 200 52 Order Item
Bowl of Coleslaw Snack Consumable 35 175 28 Order Item
Bowl of Cabbage and Chickpea Salad Snack Consumable 50 250 28 Order Item
Bowl of Meat and Cabbage Stew Soup Consumable 40 200 17 Order Item
Bowl of Degun Shun Stew Soup Consumable 46 175 29 Order Item
Bowls of Tasty Wurm Stew Soup Consumable 50 200 32 Order Item