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Learning To Fly

By: Hygeliac

Growing up as one of the Wee Free Men, what you Bigjobs call Dwarves, you quickly learn that while we are gravity’s bitch. This is true since we always fall farther than any o the overgrown races, usually about 3 feet further. To compensate, we have learned tae bounce a bit. As I found my affinity for heavy armor and swinging around pointy bits, I also yearned tae fly through the air without a catapult. (which is undignified by the way) I started by jumpin’ off bridges and the like, and even got a famous bit or two for jumpin off the bridge near Sanctum. So I started lookin for other places to jump off of for that brief moment of flight. (ta be honest, tis really just divin, but let a scunner dream). The Tree in Gloomwood was the next target, and given the right location (with several very wrong ones) I again was noted for me flying exploits. So it was off to Scarlet Gorge and the legendary Lovers Leap. I say legendary cause no one could tell me where they were, so I experimented. For several days, travelers were startled by the sight of an armored beer keg flying into the ground around them. Finally, dented and bruised, a family member finally pointed me in the right direction, but only if I promised to “do the puzzle thingy while you are up there”. So puzzle thingy complete I finally killed enough harpies to take a dive off the leap, while enjoying the idea of Lovers Leap defended by hordes of harpies. So now I am an accomplished flyer, flinging meself through the air at Defiant bigjobs and whacking their jibbly bits or going medieval on their buttocks. Because I am a Wee Free Man, and I can fly.