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Guild Missions

Event Summary
Guild Wars 2
Date: May. 24 at 08:00 AM PDT
Event Type: Recurring Every 7 Days
Event Host: Mika
Level Requirement: None
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Past Events

Date Event Score
2022-05-17 Guild Missions 200
2022-05-10 Guild Missions 195
2022-05-03 Guild Missions 200
2022-04-26 Guild Missions 190
2022-04-19 Guild Missions 165
2022-04-12 Guild Missions 190
2022-04-05 Guild Missions 190
2022-03-29 Guild Missions 165
2022-03-22 Guild Missions 170
2022-03-15 Guild Missions 190
2022-03-08 Guild Missions 165
2022-02-22 Guild Missions 160
2022-02-15 Guild Missions 190
2022-02-08 Guild Missions 170
2022-02-01 Guild Missions 165
2022-01-25 Guild Missions 195
2022-01-18 Guild Missions 215
2022-01-11 Guild Missions 165
2021-12-28 Guild Missions 140
2021-12-21 Guild Missions 190

Scores Are Calculated Nightly At Midnight.

Event Details


Welcome to weekly Guild Missions


On this event we will do PvE Guild Missions (Bounties, Treks, Challenges, Puzzles and Races) depending how many people we get as some of the missions requires more people than others. Each mission has difficulty level (Easy, Medium or Hard).



Easy - 1 Target in 10 minutes

Medium - 3 Targets in 15 minutes

Hard - 5 Targets in 20 minutes

Main idea is that squad will split up on map where bounty should be and search for the bounty. Once bounty has been found, closest waypoint will be announced in squad chat and once everyone has arrived then bounty fight will start. Note: To get bounty reward you are only required to participate killing just one target (Medium and Hard bounties) so don't worry about if you can't make it for other targets as sometimes we need to kill bounties fast as possible because of time constriction.



Medium - 30 minutes

Hard - 20 minutes

Usually squad will be split in group and every group will get certain job to do in challenge in order to complete the challenge.



Medium - 35 minutes

Hard - 25 minutes

Most of the time squad will move as one, but there are certain parts in puzzles where split in groups are needed to progress in puzzle.



Easy - 31 minutes

Medium - 21 minutes

Hard - 11 minutes

Idea here is to run through the track, avoid mobs and traps. Depending on race, you will be transformed into mob (chicken, bear etc). Every mob has search skill as a first one which can be used to detect traps. Small red circle is spike trap. It is possible to dodge through spike trap and some of the transformed mobs can have other skills which make you invulnerable against spike traps. Large red circles will make rocks fall on you. Again it is possible to dodge through, however you might need double dodge. Note: to get reward on races, you need at least once to transform into mob and gone through race little bit. Once one the guildies has gone through the race successfully, after moment you should get the reward. Race isn't required to be fully finished unless guild needs favor reward



Easy - 5 targets 15 minutes

Medium - 15 targets 17 minutes

Hard - 30 targets 20 minutes

Usually squad leader will choose one trek point, announces waypoint in squad chat and leads group to the trek point and everyone will stack on spot and once everyone is stacked, commander will click and discovers the trek point. And that will give reward to everyone. Same as races, treks aren't needed to be completed to get personal reward, but if guild needs favor then it needs to be completed. If that is the case then after getting personal reward, squad will split up in small groups and people can go different trek point and activate immediately once they find it. 



Everyone is welcome. Try to use character which has most of the map completion as there will be need of map jumping from time to time. Nevertheless everyone is welcome with any character. That is just my recommendation




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Notice: Signing Up for an event does NOT guarantee inclusion. This is a RSVP stating that you are available for the event if needed. Certain events require certain classes, builds, and equipment to successfully complete. Please contact event leader before the event and be present before the time of the event for best results.

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