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Oldgoat's Sunday Dungeons

Game Level Requirement Host Next Event Event Type
Guild Wars 2 None Oldgoat Sunday, May. 13 at 1:00PM - 3:00PM PDT One Time Event


This is a Family Friendly event.

This event is geared toward those who have never done a dungeon or have had a difficult time with other groups. We don't care if you make mistakes. We make them too. THESE ARE NOT SPEED RUNS. It is okay to assume we will kill almost everything in the dungeon. We will be in Discord for this event. Please have at least the web version to hear instructions. Link to listen only Discord -

This event will occasionally be used to supplement Dungeon Master Saturday.

Dungeon choice will be made each week when we have a group together. We will start off with lower level story and explore modes.

If you have a need to complete a specific dungeon for either the Dungeon Master or Dungeon Frequenter achievements, let us know at the beginning. If we can't do that dungeon during this event, we will try to put together a group to get it done for you. No promises, but we usually can find enough dungeon rats to join us. (And I'm not above calling in favors.)

For character level requirements, see this link -

Signed Up:

Member Available Characters

Notice: Signing Up for an event does NOT guarantee inclusion. This is a RSVP stating that you are available for the event if needed. Certain events require certain classes, builds, and equipment to successfully complete. Please contact event leader before the event and be present before the time of the event for best results.

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