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Oldgoat's Beginner's Dungeons

Game Level Requirement Host Next Event Event Type
Guild Wars 2 None Oldgoat Tuesday, Sep. 26 at 2:00PM - 4:00PM PDT Recurring Every 7 Days


This event is for all of you who are nervous about doing dungeons, have had a bad experience doing dungeons, or just want to learn about dungeons. We will deal in weapon choices, pet/minion control, dungeon strategies, everything you need to know. I promise you we will all make mistakes and we will all learn from them. At first we will be moving slow and steady through the mobs and bosses, but our ultimate goal is to do speed runs. We will try to do at least a story and explore each week. We will start out at the lowest level dungeon the first week and move up each week until we have mastered speed runs. Some weeks we may go back and practice a previous week's dungeon if there is time. The only requirements are that you bring a character who's at least at the Explore path level for each week and you have at least listen access to Discord. But, you'll have lots more fun if you have a level 80 with Exotics. I will call upon some of my best dungeoneers to give us a hand and might even be able to talk someone into getting us through Arah at the end of this series of dungeons. Use the following link and scroll down to see the required levels for each dungeon. You can also familiarize yourself with the dungeon at the link. Hope to see you all there.

Past Events

Date Event Score
2017-08-01 Beginner's Dungeons 65
2017-05-16 Beginner's Dungeons 95

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