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Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
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Conqueror's Blade

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Foghladha PC North America Ostaria Territory Wars, PvP, & Expeditions Discord

Warparty Information

House Tuatha is a collaborative adventure from guilds within the Tuatha Alliance organized by the Gaiscioch. Members include players from Gaiscioch [GSCH], Harbingers of Light [HOL], Relic Gaming, We Immortals Live Dangerously [WILD], and many more. We focus on PvX with a strong passion for siege warfare. We began 17 years ago in DAOC and have traveled through WAR, RIFT, GW2, and ESO. We are based on Irish mythology from the Mythological Cycle. 

We always welcome new adventurers to join our ranks and look to create many epic memories in Conqueror's Blade. If your interested in joining us check out the links below.

The Tuatha Alliance:
House Tuatha:
Discord: Type "+rank Conqueror's Blade" to unlock access to CB Channels.

Members will be required to maintain a 5 Prestige per week minimum to maintain a roster slot in this house.

For Casual Players & PvE Focused players consider joining House "Gaiscioch" which does not have requirements.


  1. Be respectful to all players in house and out.
  2. One character per house please.
  3. Blades Out, Not In. Never Attack a member of the house.