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Sanctum of Rall's Great Tyrian Adventure Goes Legendary!

"We wanted to do something truly epic this season. Something that shows our gratitude toward the wonderful Sanctum of Rall server community. This will be a very exciting season and we look forward to bringing this event to more regions of the world. Now whether you're playing from the USA, Asia/Oceanic, or European regions there's an event for you."

Event Organizer

December 19th 2013 - The Gaiscioch Family, host of Sanctum of Rall's fan favorite Great Tyrian Adventure, announced plans for it's third season of the public community event. This season is dubbed "Legendary Edition" and will feature over 100 prize giveaways including the legendary Bifrost to one of its lucky participants. The season is set to launch on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 11:00 AM Server Time (Pacific).

Unlike previous seasons, this season will encompass a much broader range of playtimes. The Great Tyrian Adventure will be branching out to 4 different play times to reach all major time zones. You can participate in any of the 4 weekly events to receive participation credit for week and gain a raffle ticket for your chance to win one of many prizes. Events will take place Saturdays at 11AM, Saturdays at 11PM, Tuesdays at 10AM, and Thursdays at 6PM. Raffles will take place Thursday nights at 8PM Server Time and prizes will be mailed to participants throughout each week.

This season will be divided into three, four week chapters. Each chapter containing 16 events. Each event participants will be invited into Sanctum of Rall Community Events [SORC] for the duration of the event. For the first 15 events of each chapter, participants will run through Guild Bounties, Guild Challenges, Guild Puzzles, and finishing the event with a Guild Rush. Every participant who has not previously completed the weekly guild missions will receive 2 Gold, 6 Guild Commendations, and a minimum of 8 Rare Items. On the final event of each chapter participants will wage war against the Shatterer, Jormag, and the legendary dragon Tequatl. Each week participants can earn a maximum of 1 raffle entry. Raffles will be held on Thursdays at 8PM Server at Shaemoor Waypoint in Queensdale.

To date the Great Tyrian Adventure has been joined by 701 players on Sanctum of Rall and have awarded 423 players prizes for their participation. This event series has awarded 70x 20-Slot Bags, 54x 18-Slot Bags, 144x Exotic Items, 33x Full Sets of Exotic Armor, 120x In-Game Item Codes, 5x 2,000 Gem Codes, 5x Extra Character Slots, and 1x Precursor. All items have been contributed by the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community with in-game item codes donated by ArenaNet and Gem Codes donated by RaidCall.

Seasons three's  prizes include 18-slot bags, 20-slot bags, Exotic Items, Full sets of Exotic Armor, Precursors and the Legendary Weapon Bifrost. The Gaiscioch is proud to continue their support of the players of Sanctum of Rall, and looks forward it's most Legendary Adventure to date.

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The Gaiscioch were founded in 2001 in the MMORPG classic Dark Age of Camelot as a social community based upon Irish folklore. Since its inception the Gaiscioch have grown to over 5,800 people in 64 countries. For more than a decade they have devoted their community toward creating a fun and enjoyable environment while using their reach to host public community events, and real world charity events. With a strong focus on community their endgame goal is to create memories, friendships, and participate in the overall success of the community both in game and out. It is through gaming, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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