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The Gaiscioch Family: Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Welcome traveler, I would like to welcome you to the humble home of the Gaiscíoch (Pronounced: Gosh-Kia) Family and Tuatha Social Gaming Community. Our family began as a social gaming community in the industry pioneering MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. We began on the Nimue server on November 11th, 2001, with a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable community for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Gaiscíoch takes it's name from the Irish legends found within the "Cét-chath Maige Tuired", "Lebor Gabála Érenn", and "Cath Maige Tuired" which chronicles the first people of Ireland the Tuatha de Danann. Specifically the First Battle of Moyturna where the Tuatha de Danann hand picked the most honorable and loyal warriors to fight along side the Celtic gods in a battle against the Fir Bolg. These Warriors were known as the Gaiscíoch.

With our roots firmly attached in the Celtic Mythological Cycle, the Gaiscíoch hold honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship. Today the Gaiscíoch family spans many games, sports, and social circles.

We are a social casual gaming community with a relaxed approach toward gaming. We allow our members to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want and do not constrict them with quotas or requirements. It is through gaming, athletic competition, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

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    Member Stories & Blogs

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      That was a really smooth run. Thank you for your patience, I know that it took a while to build up all the siege (omega golems) to use for our main objective, Anvil Rock's fully uggraded Garrison, but that was a sweet, sweet victory. Even more so that we managed to snatch it right out from under them still fighting in the Lord's room.

      I heard today that they have screen shots of us for the forums! Remember when we took their North East Tower while they bailed out of the back and then watched us from the safety of the cliff? You got it, a perfect picture of us waving hello to them...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 31 @ 10:30 AM
      In Response to: Change - Aoibheann's Afternoon Assault

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      Thank you to everyone who came out for the event or just made a donation to Fog, every little bit helps. Fog tells me that we did very well and I would like to do a fundraiser once a month to continue growing the guild's influence in anticipation of the "Family Castle".

      I also suggest that when ever possible, please pair up with someone in the guild... No matter if you are doing dungeons, pve, pvp, wvw, or fractals, being in a group will help increase our influence.

      Thanks again and hope to see you next time,
      Aoibheann Sidhe

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 29 @ 12:23 PM
      In Response to: Achievement Hunters - FUNDRAISER

    • Necro Posted An Event Recap:

      I was looking at differant event types did not mean to start an event. Very very very sorry.a

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 25 @ 05:52 AM
      In Response to: WvW Conquest

    • Rufus Posted A Blog:

      All I can think about today is how I didn't get a beta invite! I hope that someone will post some pictures and some details about Guild Halls. That is what I am most excited for. I know everyone is stoked about the Jungle PVE, but as a former GW1 player, I've spent plenty of time navigating that nightmare :) The one thing I always wished for this game was guild halls, and I'm hopeful they will be like the old game, with all your merchants and whatnot in one area. (Kind of like the airship thing is now I suppose...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 24 @ 02:09 PM

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      We started off this event by cleaning our borderland of the enemy and then went straight for the fully ungraded Garrison on Anvil Rock, which we took, over and over, and over again. Sometimes with Golems, sometimes without. It was a well executed attack that they weren't expecting that at all.

      We also pushed Hills & Bay on both Anvil Rock and Gates of Madness, but they were better prepared for us there and we didn't fare as well - we did get them off of Eternal Battlegrounds so they could take Stonemist Castle and not only desieged, but also punched big holes in those keeps...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 23 @ 04:52 PM
      In Response to: Change - Aoibheann's Afternoon Assault

    • Aoibheann Posted A Blog:

      Thursday, March 26th I will be hosting a special event to raise funds for our Guild Wars 2 guilds & all proceeds - this is in game gold only - from this event will go to benefit Na Rall, Na Anu & Na Morrigan.

      For this event we are going to re-do the achievements and trait unlocks in the Straights of Devastation, Malchor's Leap and Cursed Shore. We will also be farming nodes and killing as many champions as we can find along the way. There will be a few Jump Puzzles and chests to be found...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 23 @ 11:29 AM

    • Jelaraiel Posted An Event Recap:

      With the combined stressfulish effort of many mesmers we were able to collect most of the golden badges in the Silverwastes! ;P Lots of portals, some experimental rifles, & even a teleportation rifle. It left me a bit worn out but glad. There might be a finish it off event next tuesday the 24! ;D

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 21 @ 10:48 PM
      In Response to: Saturday in the Silverwastes

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      It is certainly a challenge out there in WvW this week. Some of it is that we are fighting in tier 5 (yay for us), but I know that the frustration of the constant issues with the game since the latest patch and all the new builds is starting to take its toll. Persevere!

      We might not win this round, but we are fighting well together and I choose to take it as a complement that the other servers are having to resort to spies and ganging up on us to make sure that they will win.... that means they are scared of us, as well they should be...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 18 @ 10:01 AM
      In Response to: Aoibheann's Afternoon Assault

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      We got together a little group to jump, and re-jump, and then jump again for the Not So Secret diving goggles in Gendarran Fields. Though only two got the achievement (I was just porting) the other two kept trying till it was time to log off for the night - however they did manage to get the chest hidden in the water.

      I have many Mesmers in place to portal people up for this part of the achievement. If this is the last goggles that you need please let me know and I will do mini events as needed...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 18 @ 09:22 AM
      In Response to: Un-Scheduled Timed Event

    • Aoibheann Posted An Event Recap:

      and I will try to stay later next week...

      That was some remarkable fighting last night by one & all when we were hit hard by both Crystal Desert and Isle of Janthir on our home borderland. We were able held our own in any equal fight and we even had some wonderful open field fighting as well as beautifully defending the keeps and towers against them. I especially appreciate you all for holding our Bay when I had to log off, I hated to leave you out there, but I was falling asleep at the keyboard...

      » Read Full Story | Posted: Mar. 16 @ 03:04 PM
      In Response to: Aoibheann's Evening Assault

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