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Sindarin Oakheart

This Rank 80 Ranger joined the Tuatha on May 04, 2014 as a member of . Sindarin Oakheart is a Ridire of the Tuatha. Sindarin Oakheart is played by Sindarin.

Character Sheet:

Name Level Class Professions
Sindarin Oakheart
80 Ranger

Recent News:

Jun. 03, 2017

Sindarin Posted a Blog: The Story of Sindarin Oakheart

The streets were chaos. People running frantically away from the commotion. Explosions shook the stone houses of Ebonhawke.

Riots had broken out among the stalls of Kestrel Market.

A man clad in fine silks with sharp, intelligent eyes and black hair yelled to a woman on the other side of the table laden with goods.

"Sopha! Let's go! We'll be burned alive by the Separatists if we don't get out of here!"

Sopha, a medium height woman with dark hair and blue eyes, clearly frightened, quickly gathered as many of the valuable silks as she could...

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